SmartThings comes out. How about a MySensors integration ?

  • I followed the IFA announces. And I see that the SmartThings hub ( which seems to be an opened platform will be released at the end of the month in Europe.

    Any acquaintance who baked this project on kickstarter and who already have the hub tell me that is a really great. He tested near all kind of hub platform so I really give him some credit on his opinion.

    I started a few month ago to build some sensors with MySensors an I wonder if someone with programmation skills can tell if it will be difficult to use sensors I made with this hub.

    Thank you in advance.

  • No one interested about this box ?

  • i am interested in this box.
    But, I don't know about how to fix it.

  • I have recently received the new Smartthings hub v2, and have switched to it from Openhab. The only thing Im missing are my Mysensors nodes. I hope someone comes up with some sort of plugin to connect the two.

  • @Jay-Gordon I hope like you. I've not enough programming skills to do that by myself. Are you happy with your swith from Openhab to Smartthings ?

  • Ever get this working? I was thinking of buying a smartthing and want to know if it will be compatible with Mysensors?

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