Help with hacking a wireless outdoor weather station

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    @Boots33 said:

    The receivers that are bundled with them are not very good at all.

    I noticed this also when working on this project. I had rally bad range, like 4m or so changing to the RBX6 superheterdyne gave me the range I needed.

  • @Boots33 thanks for sharing this info. Really helpful.

    I have another question if you don't mind. What's the process once RFlink is connected and running in domoticz to program wireless power points like Cleve and Watts etc? Is there a learning process when you press the on/off buttons on your remote?

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    @breimann once RFlink is running and you have "Accept new Hardware Devices" turned on in Domoticz settings, it will start adding anything it recognises to the devices list.
    You can then give the device a name and add it to your used devices. if it is a power socket then as you said just press the remote and watch for it to turn up in the device list. If you live in a heavily populated area you will likely get lots of devices showing up .

    You will have to make sure you get the right device or you will be turning on and off the neighbours lights as well.

    For your weather station you will see the data also shown as separate devices like temp, pressure etc. Remember it will probably be listed as fine offset.

  • @Boots33 thanks that's really helpful info much appreciated. Now i need to decommission my Mega as my GW ready for RFlink and setup a new gateway.

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