d-diot: General purpose PCB for Arduino Nano with code

  • Hi,

    as a part of the d-diot project below a picture of the GP-PCB nano.

    The aim of the pcb is to to offer an easy way to build a reliable and compact MySensors node based on Arduino Nano and an NRF24L01 radio module.

    The main features are:

    • Small dimensions: 55 x 55 mm

    • Socket for NRF24L01 radio module with dedicated capacitor

    • MYSX connector v.2.6

    • Radio traffic LED

    • Multiple and flexible power options (5-23V) with the Mini-360 buck converter and jumper J2

    • Support for a photoresistor to measure the light level

    • Buzzer (beeper)

    • Support for DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor

    • 4 channel RGBW LED controller

    • Dedicated 3.3V voltage regulator AMS1117 (optional) to power any type of radio module. The rail that powers the radio module is selectable with the jumper JP4

    • Additional PIN to power external devices

    • Support for ATSHA204 IC

    • Support for DC Barrel Jack

    • Mounting hole for a M2.5 screw

    The Gerber file, schematics and the entire Kicad project are available for download here.

    The code, built with PlatformIO, is part of the project and supports the following sensors and actuators:

    • Up to 3 PIR sensors

    • MQ2 Gas Detector with sound alarm and visual alarm, if you install a buzzer and a Neopixel LED strip

    • Buzzer

    • Photoresistor to measure the light level

    • Button with 3 different pattern recognition: short press, long press, double click

    • RGBW LED controller

    • Addressable WS2812 RGB LEDs (Neopixel)

    More details in the wiki page.

    If someone is interested I can upload the board design files in openhardware.

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