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  • First of all, I want to make it clear that I have very less knowledge about hardware stuff. We (a group of friends) started our company where we were making software but now, we are getting involved in assembling chips. Now, we need to buy a reflow oven and we are thinking to go with near about $500 option such as Phaeton Scientific 1.9cf but when I talked with domain experts they suggested to go with this 3 zone Neoden IN6 but honestly speaking it is expensive for us.

    Secondly, I am reading various online guides here that says even a single zone will also come into the range of $2000 to $6000. All in all, I am confused and looking for the right piece of advice.

    We can increase our budget to $2000 maximum and our requirements are a minimum of 2 zones and at least 6 boards per day. Please give me right suggestions. You can also provide links of good brands at eBay or Amazon.

  • As you just started your company and to hold back the money, why not as a start get someone to solder the boards for you? yes it's more expensive per board, compared that do it yourself, but then you don't need to spend money on a reflow oven that maybe isn't worth the money

    Then when you have a cash-flow in your company and earn money, then you can start to purchase equipment

    Depending on what you need to solder, you might need to also use Nitrogen, to get better solder-ability.

    Then again it's difficult to provide your an advise, as noone know what your requirements are?
    I work for a hearing aid company, and it's a medical device (FDA are inspecting us), which require the oven to be validated- and this requires s a lot of documentation.
    We use Rehm ovens with nitrogen, and most likely this isn't what you need 😉

  • Okay, thanks for sharing your advice. Solder could be a good option but I have to consult with my technical team on this. However, I started finding someone to solder the boards for us. We already having lack of technical staff. Thanks again. 🙂 You can also suggest any place to find solder experts in this regard.

  • Where I work we do all inhouse and we won't work as a sub supplier. but I know we have in some cases used this company when we didn't had capacity in our own factory for small prototype series

  • We offer to give technical support, but in return "one day" we will ask you to return the favor and bake some chips for us. 😁

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