Energy meter with two tariffs

  • Hello everyone! is the perfect project! Good work! I already have at home 6 MySensors and not the end!
    I use Domoticz a long time thinking about one thing.
    My electric meter has two tariffs (day / night). Sketch I modified and displays the nodes 3 - day, night and total (added). It works great, but ...
    I have seen pictures of graphs, where the "Usage 1", "2 Usage", "Cons 1", "2 Cons", "Cons Total" and the other in one chart! I think it's smart meter P1.
    I also think that it is creating MySensor (nodes, types, ...), which would Domoticz detected as the SmartMeter and display a graph common to both tariffs.
    Does anyone know how to do it?
    Or other options to display one chart for both tariffs?


    And sorry about the my English. 😞

  • I have the same question.
    How to display two tarifs?

  • @esumo The P1 interface of the Dutch smart meters would show four counters (peak/low consumption and peak/low production) in a telegram which Domoticz uses to update the counters accordingly. The virtual sensors will not produce these graphs I think. The best you could try is to emulate the P1 behaviour by sending the telegrams that the P1 interface produces on a serial interface and then connect it as if it were a P1 interface. This would be beyond MySensors scope and more a Arduino/ESP8266 serial protocol exercise (although it would not stop you to also send out the values gathered using MySensors).

  • I think MySensors do not support this P1 power meter.
    For S_POWER type you have got only this variables: V_WATT, V_KWH, V_VAR, V_VA, V_POWER_FACTOR

    If you need this two tariff power meter in Domoticz you must use other platform ( ESPeasy for example ) witch support sending JSON http calls.

    For P1 power meter format is:


    IDX = id of your device (This number can be found in the devices tab in the column "IDX")
    USAGE1= energy usage meter tariff 1, This is an incrementing counter
    USAGE2= energy usage meter tariff 2, This is an incrementing counter
    RETURN1= energy return meter tariff 1, This is an incrementing counter
    RETURN2= energy return meter tariff 2, This is an incrementing counter
    CONS= actual usage power (Watt)
    PROD= actual return power (Watt)

    USAGE and RETURN are counters (they should only count up).
    For USAGE and RETURN supply the data in total Wh with no decimal point.
    (So if your meter displays f.i. USAGE1= 523,66 KWh you need to send 523660)

  • MySensors does support previously undefined data fields, if your controller does. Fields like S_CUSTOM, V_VAR1, ... V_VAR5 are options for sending counters and other variables that were not explicitly defined.

  • Thanks.
    I use a MQTT gateway between the node and the domoticz.
    It seems that I have no choice than create two childs, one for each tariff.

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