1 LED strip node and 2 dimmer nodes

  • Hello!
    Can you please tell me how best to implement the remote control of the LED strip using the dimmer? Perhaps this forum already has a similar dimmer node project for remote light control.
    I need one node of the LED strip to be controlled by two nodes with dimmers. Dimmers I want to locate in different places, separately from the LED tape.

  • Not sure what would be the best way, but two options spring to mind:

    1. Node to node communication. Where one MySensors node has the LED strip connected and two different nodes have the buttons connected for adjusting the brightnes / on / off. The latter send a message to the first depending on the operations on the buttons.
    2. Again three nodes, but now let the controller send messages to the node that has the LED strip connected, based on the events that the button nodes send to the controller.

    The second option has the advantage that the controller always knows the correct state of the light and it makes it easier to control the light from timers or different events (light sensors, motion, etc) and the buttons at the same time.

    The basis for the three nodes could be this example: https://www.mysensors.org/build/dimmer, where you choose the example with the rotary encoder for the dimmer nodes (and leave out the LED strip).

  • @tsjoender Thanks for the advice! I'll try to implement the second option.

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