NodeManager v1.8 now available!

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    NodeManager v1.8 is finally here!

    With 8 months of development from 12 different contributors, the new NodeManager v1.8 ships now as an Arduino library to allow an easier integration, a more consistent upgrade process across the versions and a simpler way of using it.

    This version includes also a number of enhancements and bug fixes, a better integration with the MySensors library (including the capability to use the web-based Log Parser) and support for an additional 11 new sensors, with a grand total of 62 built-in sensors that can be added to your project by just a single line of code.

    NodeManager v1.8 can be downloaded directly from Github where detailed installation instructions are also provided.
    Please read the README file carefully before starting so to get a sense on how to use it or what has changed from the previous releases.

    The full release notes for this version are listed below:

    • Split NodeManager's core classes in individual files and each sensor code in its own dedicated header file
    • New Arduino-compatible library structure to allow easier integration and more consistent updates across version
    • Included a complete set of examples which can be loaded directly from the Arduino IDE
    • Simplified the template sketch with a global nodeManager object and sensors that can be imported directly from there
    • Debug output is now fully compatible with the one used by the MySensors library and integrated into MySensors LogParser
    • Better control on how often, if and when to sync the time with the controller for time-aware nodes
    • Added a Measure Timer so to allow splitting between taking measures and reporting
    • Added support for every sensor to keep track of the last value assigned to a child in EEPROM and restoring it upon a reboot
    • Introduced new capabilities for reporting every minute/hour/day or only at a given minute/hour/day
    • Added ability to read from the serial port at the end of each loop cycle, useful for debugging interactive sensors
    • Added support for pH sensor
    • Added support for PCA9685 as RGB/RGBW/W dimmer
    • Added support for DSM501A dust sensor
    • Added support for PN532 NFC RFID module
    • Added support for CCS811 CO2/VOC sensor
    • Added support for MPR121 Capacitive Touch Sensor
    • Added support for serial GSM/SMS device
    • Added support for FPM10A fingerprint sensor
    • Added support for SDS011 Air quality sensor
    • Added support for ESP32 devices
    • Added support for nRF52 radio
    • Improved SensorDigitalInput and NeoPixelSensor
    • Si7021 sensor is now using the library from the MySensors example
    • Reviewed the MQ Sensor implementation
    • Optimized memory utilization
    • Added Travis Continuous Integration tests
    • Fixed wrong battery report when using battery pin and SensorRain/SensorSoilMoisture
    • Fixed DigitalOutput safeguard not working as expected
    • Fixed radio signal level reporting wrong values
    • Fixed SensorLatchingRelay2Pins wrong pin selection
    • Other minor bug fixes

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