@openhardware-io Hi, the link you gave in your description isn't working: "One pack of Greenstar replacement rollers https://www.hagebau.de/p/renovo-ersatzwalzen-greenstar-6-cm-3-stueck-anHG_PROD_4046806013680/ Costs: 3,99 €" I did find the following, though the price is different from what you reported, and it looks different than what's in your photo: https://www.hagebau.de/p/renovo-farbwalze-greenstar-25-cm-12-mm-florhoehe-weiss-gruen-blau-anP7000129076/?searchType=devided&q=greenstar rollers&itemId=B1072454 Are you actually unwinding the nap of a paint roller and using it in your machine as a dust remover?