Solenoid water valve

  • Hello,

    I tried to search something on this forum, tried to ask in special stores with bathroom supplies, tried to google looks like i found something but nothing what I would like.

    Could someone recommend solenoid water valve for cold and hot water that i could install on my new apartment?

    I would like to have this feature: if water leak sensor is triggered, then it should close solenoid water valves. I found some of these on Aliexpress, but I better choose branded product like Danfoss or simillar.

    Maybe someone is confronted with it and could recommend something?

    Thank You!

  • @jacikaas
    Perhaps you might search for motorised valve rather than solenoid. I recall someone here using them to control heating, possibly of chinese manufacture and relatively cheap.
    Mechanically latched solenoid valves are used in modern battery powered garden irrigators, but I have not seen them separately on sale.
    If your hot water is generated within the apartment you need only shut down the cold supply.