Raspberry Pi Pico released.

  • Raspberry pi have released what must be the ARduino nano killer.

    At £3.60 UK price it has a 133MHz clock, dual core processor, 256K ram and RTC.

    I hope there is a chance that mysensors will one day have a library to use this option - But I understand that it is new and won't happen any time soon!

  • @skywatch Its ADC has an offset of 30mV because the reference voltage comes from an RC divider.
    The sleep current is somewhere in the mA range according to https://datasheets.raspberrypi.org/pico/pico_datasheet.pdf - that's way too high.

    There are plenty Cortex M0+ processors out there. And they have way better specs regarding peripherals. This one is a Dual Cortex M0+ - so it could maybe compete by a low price.

  • @canique For gateways and mains powered nodes it would be fantastic to have. 2Mb flash ram can't be bad. I agree that not the best for battery powered nodes though.

  • @skywatch cheapest price I could find is 4,1€ by the way incl. VAT + shipping. I guess that's a good price - especially if you consider that you don't have to buy thousands of it to get that price.

    A quick search revealed the LPC4300 series (LPC4310 e.g.) from NXP. That one has a Cortex M4 and a Cortex M0+ inside.

    How would you solve things like certificate updates / TLS connections on a gateway with an MCU?

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