Vera - Can't create GW device with UI7 files

  • Hi all,

    Vera Edge/UI7, Arduino Nano, serial gateway sketch pretty much unchanged...

    I'm toying with the idea of switching from a Ethernet gateway to a serial gateway. After spending time with Vera support to get the USB port enabled on my Edge/UI7 device (long story, well documented in the Vera forums), I can finally try. With the original Arduino Vera files (the XML and JSON config files), I can create the device, re-load luup, pick the device in the drop down list box in order to associate it with the serial port, and then re-load luup. When luup is reloading, I get stuck with a line at the top that says "select serial port" (or something like that, can't remember exact error.. it seems that me selecting the serial port in the UI doesn't 'stick')...

    I noticed that there was a branch of the Vera files in GitHub that says it's specifically for UI7. I downloaded them, and uploaded them to Vera, and restarted luup. My Ethernet gateway still works, and now has prettier icons :-). However, when I try to create a new device for my serial gateway, it doesn't work. I click on Apps->Develop Apps->Create Device and type D_Arduino1.xml in the "Upnp Device Filename" field. I click Create Device and I get a pop-up from Vera saying the device was created. But nothing happens. No device gets created. I re-load Luup.. nothing happens. still no device. pretty much acts as if I did nothing.

    any advice? ideas?

    (I'm obviously not keeping both gateways long term.. as soon as I get the serial GW created, I'm dumping the other one.. but right now, I haven't yet deleted the Ethernet one... think that's the issue?)

  • I did notice (no clue if it means anything), but trying to open either D_Arduino1.json or D_ArduinoNode1.json in the Device simulator gives this error -> Cannot read contents of D_Arduino1.json.lzo

    but I don't know if that's supposed to work or not.

    D_ArduinoRelay1.json opens fine....

  • update - after a dozen tries, I got the device to create with the old XML files... however, even after setting the serial/USB port correctly, the Vera says "Can't Detect Device" for the MySensors Plug-in device... still plugging. This should be easier 🙂

  • 88 views and no one has this working?

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    I'd contact MiCasaVerde... they seem to have solved the problem for other users.

  • Thanks for the response. - I've been working with them on the connectivity issues... about three weeks now of back and forth (but very little work, they just go dark for days at a time 😞 ). They've enabled the USB port so that I can at least configure the connection.. but it still doesn't work. I'll keep working with them on the connectivity.

    My follow up ping was more around not being able to create a device at all with the UI7 branch of the files (i.e nothing happens which I click "Create Device"). Sorry that wasn't clear. Are you saying others have used Vera support for that as well? or just the connectivity problem?

  • Hi, just teaming up because I have the exact same problem.,30528.msg247112.html#msg247112

    It is absolutely a software problem because this same hardware run fine with UI5.

  • Ha! that's funny... I was just looking at that very same thread last night I had found in a search on the vera forums :-). Let me know if you get it solved, and I'll do the same!

  • Hi, i have almost a similar problem with my veraedge and serialgateway. So uploaded the xml file goes all fine, but i cant creat a device was created. Also cant find a serial port, because he cant find a device. Im using a nano copy so i dont know if thats the problem or not.

  • Yeah, I never did get it working, nor find anyone who would tell me they had the same scenario working (vera edge, UI7, serial gateway). I had to work with Vera support to get my USB port enabled at all. Once it was enabled, I tried to get the serial GW working and never did. After over a month corresponding with Vera support (they would go days without responding), they punted and said as far as they were concerned, the serial port was working and I'd need to "talk to the mysensors folks" to get it all working. So I was stuck in a loop.

    However, around that same time I found an old thread that gave me a tip to get my Ethernet gateway stabilized with an alternate implementation off UIPEthernet library. I can still crash the Ethernet gateway, at will, by telneting into port 5003 and manually sending commands to it for debugging, but since I know that crashes it, I don't do it anymore :-). But if I don't fool with it, it's been working for weeks with zero issues.

    Also, after a combination of deleting and re-uploading files and most importantly CLEAR YOUR BROWSER CACHE AFTER YOU DO (my one and only tip for you), I've got the UI7 Vera files working too.

    So, unfortunately I don't have the answer for you (other than make sure you clear your browser cache after uploading the UI7 files) because I got my Ethernet GW stable and abandoned the serial GW.

  • Thanks for your reply, so i will try what you say and look if it works. Are you using a Arduino copy or original? I see people using a original Nano, and that seems to work with the VeraEdge.

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    I don't have a Vera edge, but a Vera lite and I found that I could not really trust a serial gw. I don't think the Vera can provide enough current on its USB port so my nano acted strange. I have decoupled everything with node-red now so all my controllers communicate using ethernet/tcp ports and I once more use a serial gw connected to a raspberrypi (but with the option in node-red to switch to an ethernet gw if I wanted to without changing anything in the controllers). It also makes debugging things a lot easier since all io between gw and controllers can be monitored.

  • @Nbaars - I'm not sure how you tell? it was advertised as an Arduino Nano, not a copy or clone or "compatible", but I don't know if you can rely on that. Is there an easy way to tell?

    @Anticimex - interesting idea. I might explore it, but I'm pretty satisfied with my straight Ethernet GW now (except for it being a pain to debug)

  • @stevebus Pete B is using for his Serial gateway a Arduino nano clone from the shop on my sensors. But for now im stuck that my SG is not working. Im just new to all this.

  • Did you ever get your nano clone to work as a serial gateway?

    I'm struggling with the same issue right now. I have 4 nanos none have the FTDI chip and I can't get the vera to set the serial port.

    Is the only option to get a "genuine" nano?

  • Never got it working, but quit trying because of Ethernet GW has been fairly reliable lately. I've tried two different Nano's (bought from the links on mysensors site. But I assume they are clones. I'm not sure how to verify one is genuine, do you?

    I'd love to get it working as an option.

  • Hello not sure if you are still active or what but the below link may help i recently tried to make a gateway with a nano a failed like you guys have however after reading the below forum it turn out that you need to have a nano with a FTDI chipset for the gateway i went and bought one, they are a bit more expensive then the cheaper ones but I've plugged it in and tested it and it now it works fine i hope that it help


  • Hey @kylehull .. thanks for the response. I've heard that before, about the need to have a genuine FTDI chipset. I had previously dug out the magnifying class and i'm pretty sure my Nano (that didn't work) says "FTDI" on the serial chipset. (not sure if there is another way to tell)... but based on the symptoms, I guess maybe it didn't..

    either way, since the 2.0 libraries game out, I rebuilt my Ethernet GW and it has been rock solid. So I'm not going to rock the boat there :-).

    thanks for following up on this old thread, though. I'm sure it'll help others.

  • 0_1480761242515_error.png

    So, to get rid of my error messages "Can´t Detect Device" I have to build a Ethernet gateway instead of having the serial gateway?

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    @miro are you getting the "Can´t Detect Device" for MySensor devices? That is a new one. If your device is working normally try going in to the advanced variables tab for your device and see if there is a variable called "CommFailure" and change the value to 0. Restart the luup engine.

  • @korttoma said:

    "Can´t Detect Device"

    This was fixed for me when I changed all three CommFailure.

    CommFailure = 0
    CommFailureTime = 0
    CommFailureAlarm= 0

    Thanks a lot!

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