Help adding Mysensors libraries.

  • Hello folks.
    I'm new to this kind of programming. I'm more (too much) acostumated to classical computer programming and now that I'm trying to introduce in mysensors I'm having hard times understanding it all.
    Basically, I need help in setting up the develepment IDE for uploading sketches in my arduinos.
    I work on windows. I already downloaded the Arduino IDE zip, and saved in my portable disk. I prefer a portable installation because I work at home and sometimes at customers offices.
    At the same folder I saved the Arduino IDE, I created a sketches folder, where I put the irrigation controller folder (for example)
    In that same sketches folder, I unzipped the mysensors api zip.

    When I try to upload the serialgateway sketch, seems to work fine.
    But if I try to upload teh irrigation one, the IDE complains about missing libraries.

    I thought It should automatically pick the mysensors libraries from the "libraries" folder at the "sketches" folder.
    Should I put them in another place? Should I install them using the IDE?
    Or I must copy the libraries every sketch needs at the same folder every time?

    Thanks and sorry for this novice question.
    PD: It should be better to modify the wiki to add step by step instructions with points like "put this file at this folder" or "this should be your folder structure"

  • Mod

    The instructions for installing the libraries has a screen shot of the folder structure. Did you not see that screen shot, or is some information missing in the screen shot?

    What is the exact error message from the IDE when it complains about missing libraries?