Battery drains :-(

  • Dear all.
    I have built a few sensors, on battery.
    Everything works but only for a week or...
    I have a nano with just a motion sensor and a sleep time of 15 minutes
    With a battery of 3000mAh block @ 5 volts.
    alt text

    I have a small pro on 3.3volt @ 2x 1.5 volts with a power up for my motion sensor
    Power up
    All LEDs and the power regulater removed.
    Only a motion sensor, with sketch sleeptime 20 minutes.
    Quiet area for a week or
    Why can operate a Zwave or a 433Mhz motion for months / years on 3xAA. And a powerbank and a mysensor less than a month?
    Does anyone have a solution

    I think i go wrong... Only where??

    Thanks for all the help!!

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    My motion sensor has dropped 2% battery level during last one month. It's in a busy area (sends ~200 messages per day average).

  • @m26872 said:

    My motion sensor has dropped 2% battery level during last one month. It's in a busy area (sends ~200 messages per day).

    Yes i see your very nice project...
    Only i am a amateur and can not [ yet ] build your nice sensor ..[ i wiill try when i have the stuff ]

    Only what is making your sensor so great..
    The software or the hardware??
    When i use your sketch, is my sensor then working for a longer time?
    Because the size is not my problem.. [ i will try to build build a my sensor in a factory motion sensor, that will fit ]

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    The greatest obstacle here is the PIR sensor. That's why there're projects like this . I think you should forget about the Nano and any kind of voltage regulation. Use your Pro Mini 3.3V with 2AAs and suitable PIR (eg. the one I used). Make sure all parts work with the voltage range delivered by batteries. The ProMini probably needs a new minimum voltage setting, i.e. you need to program new "fuses". Sorry I don't think it's a beginner project, but I can't see any other easy options.

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    A power bank (or et least the ones I used) has a very high self discharge. Most of the times these consist of a a few lithium cells with a cheap (boost) regulator. Better use standard (rechargable) cells.

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