Sensebender vs. Pro Mini vs. ... for battery powered sensor

  • Hi everyone,

    I am starting with mysensors and I am planning my first sensors that will have to be battery powered. As the device needs a temperature sensor, sensebender is a possible option, it would already be covered. As far as I see it is small and developed for battery powered applications. Is there somewhere a comparison between sensebender and Pro Mini with regards to power consumption, possibilities for connecting sensors, etc.?
    What would you recommend for battery powered sensors? Cost for Sensebender is obviously higher, but reading the experiences with it, it seems to be worth going in this direction...

    Any input for a newbie is appreciated! Thanks!

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    It depends, If you need many GPIOs (input/outputs) you should probably go for a modified pro-mini. Where you take away regulator and leds.

    The sensebender is already fit for battery operation and holds an excellent humidity/temp sensor that works at low voltage (which prolongs the operation).
    If you plan to do OTA updates and/or secure control of the node the sensebender has an advantage as well.

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    The battery life on the SB is VERY good.

  • @RJ_Make said:

    The battery life on the SB is VERY good.

    I can confirm this, as I've had one in my deep freeze for months on end.. still 70%