ITEAD RBoard (4 relay)

  • Hi Everyone!

    I saw a couple of posts on the site in relation to boards from ITEAD STUDIO. I purchased the single relay unit and the 4 relay unit.

    I was able to easily get the single relay unit working through Vera (like @gregl) 🙂 Although I still get some sync issues with Vera, like I have with relay units built on Uno'S. Not so much luck with the 4 relay unit, I'm getting the check wire error in the serial monitor (have tried other radios). I wonder if my problem is with the mapping of the radio?

    Here is the pinout of the 4 relay unit:

    Pin of Arduino Description
    D0 = RxD
    D1 = TxD
    D2 = XBee Reset
    D3 = nRF24L01+_IRQ
    D4 = R0
    D5 = R1
    D6 = R2
    D7 = R3
    D8 = nRF24L01+_CE
    D9 = nRF24L01+_CS
    D10 = SD_CS
    D11 = SPI_MOSI
    D12 = SPI_MISO
    D13 = SPI_SCK
    A0 = AD0
    A1 = AD1
    A2 = AD2
    A3 = AD3
    A4 = AD4/IIC_SCL
    A5 = AD5/IIC_SDA

    Any suggestions? If it is related to radio pin mapping what would I need to edit?


  • I cross referenced the (working) single relay board with the radio mapping on the Uno's and they are the same.

    So my problem is mapping of the radio on the 4 relay unit. Could someone advise what I need to edit in the sketch or config file to map the pins that are required by the 4 relay unit (as detailed above)?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Just reading this post from @gregl. Iboard - Cheap Single board Ethernet Arduino with Radio. This may be helpful !

  • Hero Member

    Hi Timg - There is a copy of my heater sketch using the 4relay Rboard. Here:

    It contains a note about the CE/CS pins ( plugin 1.3)

    //Sensor gw;
    Sensor gw(8,9); //Rboard PCB uses different pins for CE/CS - also interupt, but this isnt used at this time.

    This is a fantastic board which has been working for the past few months with zero issues! I still havent properly boxed it up. I'll await the warmer months to do this.

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