Sensors db

  • Not showing off actually a project but submitting a supporting proposal.
    My proposal is to keep also a more structured repository of sensors developed.
    The idea was born out of my need to do a shopping list of components I would need to thinker with mysensors.
    So an excel with a row for each component listed in the store section of the site was born the rightmost columns having a header with sensor name and having a quantity in the corresponding row for each of the component needed in the assembly.
    In the column related to each sensor further info could be stored (author, web link, implementation notes etc...)
    Then one could have also a practical excel with a total quantity and price of components to be ordered or their order status
    This could be shared and put on the site for the benefit of all.

    Just posted the Excel in the micasa forum
    now including the Excel 🙂

  • Nice work! I recently did things the "lazy" way and just bought a small amount of a lot of things, to build up a tinker kit...

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