Built an Ethernet gateway to connect with openluup running on RPI3 couple of issues

  • Using a uno R3 + W5100 Ethernet Shield + nRF24L01 Wireless Module w / PA and LNA + Mysensors Library 2.0. Once I'd found and removed the short circuit against the card slot on the w5100 connected the radio and sorted out a reserved i/p address the gateway gets up and running ok. I've created a Mysensors device on the openluup (using altui) - plug in version 1.5 (cant find anything later) with the correct i/p address and reloaded luup.

    When it reloads it goes into a loop of multiple reloads - today it was 9 cycles of reload Luup always exiting with 42 because of a request by system here the last part of the lualog

    2016-11-06 15:04:52.855 luup_log:16: Arduino: urn:upnp-arduino-cc:serviceId:arduino1,ArduinoLibVersion, 2.0.0, 16
    2016-11-06 15:04:52.855 openLuup.server:: /data_request?id=reload tcp{client}: 0xed8448
    2016-11-06 15:04:52.856 openLuup.server:: /data_request?id=lu_status2&output_format=json&DataVersion=390112047&Timeout=60&MinimumDelay=1500&_=1478428014656 tcp{client}: 0xd1a630
    2016-11-06 15:04:52.856 openLuup.luup:0: device 0 'system' requesting reload
    2016-11-06 15:04:52.857 luup.reload:0: saving user_data
    2016-11-06 15:04:53.035 openLuup.luup:0: exiting with code 42 - after 0.0 hours

    All the logs 1-5 are identical. This stimulates an immediate complaint from "wunderground" " API usage alert" requests 18 within the last minute

    In the serial monitor of the Arduino I see 9 times in this case

    0;255;3;0;9;Eth Connect
    0;255;3;0;9;Eth 0;0;3;0;2;GetVersion
    0;255;3;0;9;Eth Disconnect

    After that it settles down - if I click start inclusion on the Arduino plugin in altUi I get

    0;255;3;0;9;Eth 0;0;3;0;0;5;1

    I'm assuming that this is ok but I am waiting for a couple of nano's to arrive and I have nothing to include atm

    If I break the connection - Either by disconnecting the Ethernet cable or restarting the Arduino I have to reload openluup to re-establish connection and it goes into the reload cycle

    Does anybody Have any idea what is happening and how I can get rid of the multiple reloads of Luup



  • Just an Update

    Well after lots of trials it does look like this is in the AltUi plugin in OpenLuup, stopping Openluup with


    and then SSHing into the pi and reloading it with


    connects to the Arduino gateway without a problem and without the multiple reload of Luup.

    Clicking "Reload Luup Engine" from the misc menu in AltUi always results in multiple reloads 5-10 times.

    Changing an attribute of a device in AltUi prompts a single reload of Luup again connecting with the Arduino gateway fine without the multiple reload cycles



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