How to access Uservariables (Domoticz)

  • Hi there,

    I'm using Mysensors 2.0 and the latest version of Domoticz.

    I am looking for a way to access the uservariable in Domoticz, looked everyware but could not find it. Sure you can access VAR's beloning to the sensors but thats not what i want.

    Anyone solved this "problem" ?

    thanks, help would be appreciated,


  • Hardware Contributor

    @Petervdam -. Do you mean the raw data?
    Its inside the db file. Use some sort of SQL program to see them.
    Howto (Linux)
    Search "domoticz database sql" for more info

    (If you mean userdefined variables its found Setup -> More options -> User variables)

  • Hi,

    Sorry, i should be more clear, i want to access the userdefined (uservariables), from within the arduino code. I know you can use json call's , but thats not what i am looking for. I wanty to know if it's posible to access then directly from within a code (arduino).

  • Admin

    It is not something that works out of the box, so you have to make a script of some kind, that picks up the user variable, and pushes it to a node, using whatever type you want to use with it.

  • Hardware Contributor

    @Petervdam - you need to use the request() function and fetch a variable from your controller.
    Inside the controller you need to make a script that updates the variable with the info you want.

    I use request in my rain-sensor:

  • Ok, Thanks Guy's thats what i needed!
    I'll create a dummy sensor and use that for I/O.

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