💬 Homini Pulse Meter Monitor

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    I've added some renders for the PCB of the controller box. The designs are complete and will get the gerber files and BOM generated today and get the products ordered.

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    Once tested, this will be on sale here. Not sure if it will be a fab house or a personal eBay sale yet though. Will keep you updated once testing has been completed.

  • I'm possibly interested in purchasing this. Can you message me when it is available please?

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    @phill21 - Thank you for the interest! Would you be looking at battery powered or USB mains powered? I'm not 100% sure on the bundling options for the product as a sale at the moment. It maybe a case that i just sell the controller, two different types of sensors and all the enclosures for them all in one bundle.

    Also, would you want to purchase the product all complete and assembled or would you have interest in purchasing as a kit to save a little cost? You would obviously have to do the loading of firmware onto the controller yourself, due to each controller having different features such as NODEID request and such.

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    I should have a little time on my hands this weekend to get the third and final board designed for a simple battery powered sensor version, with thanks to @scalz for his design I will aim to get this remade to the specifications to meet the enclosure already included in this project, and also panalised just like the sensor already made inside of this project to cut down the production costs.

    Will be looking to advertise these as a complete package with 1 controller board including enclosure, 1 battery powered sensor including enclosure OR 1 mains powered sensor including enclosure.

    If you guys have any suggestions on designs/production/selling packages etc then please don't hesitate to ask or suggest here or in a private message.

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    Have updated the GitHub and Openhardware.io page with some additional information and files. Will continue to do so until we get to the release of the first revision.

    All design files are complete, including the generation of gerber files, will get them sent off ASAP and will keep you informed on arrival and assembly of all PCBs.

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    The PCBs for version one have arrived and will proceed with testing as soon as i get some time. Will update this thread and the Openhardware.io page along with my github repo.

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    Sensor board looking nice and 'sharp', testing slowly in progress:

    1_1493372459258_IMG_9328.JPG 0_1493372459258_IMG_9327.JPG

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    • Mains powered version of the sensor works as planned.
    • Controller works on mains power and battery power.

    Awaiting my LDRs, soon as they arrive I will get the battery version tested and will mark this build as complete. I will also make the device available for sale as a complete kit from myself. Will include links on openhardware.io soon as this becomes available.

    In the kit you will receive:
    1 x Battery or mains version of the sensor including enclosure and cable.
    1 x Controller board (nRF24l01 version) including enclosure.

    All kits are available to purchase completely ready to use OR as component kits for you to solder yourself (to save some cost). Not sure on pricing yet, will release that at the time of product release.

    I will only supply the nRF24L01 version at the moment as that is all that i have capability of testing.

    All questions are welcome in the mean time, and all suggestions for future upgrades are considered.

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    LDR's have arrived and will complete testing later today and report back today or tomorrow.

    Thanks for you're patience 🙂

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    Awaiting some replacement SMD resistors, went to complete the build today and ran out of some, delivery should be here by wednesday.

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    Testing and updating can resume now my first year at university has finished and I now have 4 months worth of MySensors development to get started on! 😄

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