Raspberry controller: where is sensor auto id assignment code?

  • Hello,
    sorry for what seams naive question, but after having looked at latest 1.4 mysensor github raspberry controller code, I couldn't find where sensor id autoassignment code is.
    i.e. I didn't find where code handling internal messages coming from sensors (possibly relayed by node in "repeater" mode) of type "I_ID_REQUEST".

    I expected to find this code either in MyGateway or less probably in parent class MySensor, but it seams nothing is done for internal/I_ID_REQUEST message, and therefore it is handled by default message callback function pointer, which by default just pingpongs back the message to sensor node.

    What did I miss? Are we supposed to implement it ourself in a gateway implementation? I would have thought some basic logic e.g. auto increment in gateway could do the trick quite generically.

    Thanks for your support!

  • Admin

    If you're referring to https://github.com/mysensors/Raspberry it's rather a port of the native MySensors library to raspberry then a controller right now.

  • ok, thanks for the explanation!
    I'll implement features I need in my own implementation of MyGateway then.

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