@tbowmo I completely agree and this is the side reason to why I stopped pushing it further than making this thread. I have no interest in asking @Hek to incorporate anything like a slack chatroom while he currently has the instant messaging chat on here. If he wants to alter the way instant chat works in a sense of having it more like slack/chatter etc, then that is up to him, but i will not pressure that to him. I will say that the only reason why I wanted to start a slack chatroom for us is because of the fact you can track peoples status (online/offline) and that you can have chatrooms which equate for a much more relaxed 'hang-out' area alongside of a serious method of communication. I'm also a big fan of IRC and that is something that is also pretty easy for people to get to us, a little harder than slack for general users but its something that i use for my various other open-source software activities.