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    I have set up a slack chat room area for the MySensors community. My initial thoughts was to have an external instant messaging chat room for all of us to hang-out and chat there to throw some ideas and discussions around and once an idea/solution has been discovered we then head back to here to drop the information as new threads, just as we use it now. The idea is to have a instant messaging chat room for us to just communicate and make a tighter-knitted community where everyone knows each other a little more than we currently do. Its not an official MySensors project, its just something i'm currently trialing for us. I currently have the invitations clamped down and need to invite each person to the group. If you are interested please drop your email address and real first and second name as a comment below and i will get you included.

    Link for the Slack room:

  • Hello !
    Very good idea ! I already use Slack at work and find it very useful.
    I would definitely join this room. Here is my e-mail :

  • Hello,
    what about Riot it is an open source and decentralized slack.

  • Mod

    Why not telegram?

  • What about irc?

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    There were many different routes i was looking at when i started this suggestion but as there really was no traction (i think 3 people joined) I just folded the thought of it.

  • The idea is good, but I have seen posts from at least 3 continents, so getting people online at the same time is difficult. IRC^h^h^hslack has a nice immediate quality, forums are less ephemeral, and easier to search and understand later, and for newcomers.

    There is good in both, if you really want a chat like forum, it will take more time and effort. Maybe work with the creator of mysensors (that is @hek, right?) to see if there is a slack plugin for the website, or try some events in slack, etc.

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    We should also be careful not to spread out the butter in a too thin layer, people have to keep track of multiple platforms, newcomers don't know where stuff is etc.

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    @tbowmo I completely agree and this is the side reason to why I stopped pushing it further than making this thread. I have no interest in asking @Hek to incorporate anything like a slack chatroom while he currently has the instant messaging chat on here. If he wants to alter the way instant chat works in a sense of having it more like slack/chatter etc, then that is up to him, but i will not pressure that to him. I will say that the only reason why I wanted to start a slack chatroom for us is because of the fact you can track peoples status (online/offline) and that you can have chatrooms which equate for a much more relaxed 'hang-out' area alongside of a serious method of communication.

    I'm also a big fan of IRC and that is something that is also pretty easy for people to get to us, a little harder than slack for general users but its something that i use for my various other open-source software activities.

  • @tbowmo Agreed, creating a Slack when there has been an IRC channel since Mar 18 2014 was probably not a great idea.

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