@mr_red I have a zipped snapshot of all the 3d step/wrl models that I used to build my projects so far. It was quite some work to gather them all and align with the footprints using the kicad stepup tools. It's not complete - still needs some more work:simple_smile: but it should help you or anyone else to get started into MCAD integration using FreeCAD and kicad stepup tools. Maybe it's not very easy to start when using free tools but hey they are "FREE" so we cannot ask for more. But the nice thing is that once you get used it will be really easy to do your stuff and to go forward. Oh and FreeCAD can be so powerful after you learn it - I was really amazed what you can do with it(it has it's quirks and downsides but once you master it - oh, well...). There's also: https://www.onshape.com/ - pretty powerful this one too and it has more advanced features than FreeCAD but the downside is that it's a cloud based solution: it's free for public documents but you never know when they will go to paid accounts only so yeah...I don't really like the idea to depend on something that it's hosted and the application is not on my PC along with the documents that I create with it. Cloud solutions have their flexibility but you're locked and you depend entirely on that hosted service. Ok, enough talking...I uploaded the zip file here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kzh1l9uo40cpj1u/kicad_stepup_packages.zip