FYI: RadioHead library 1.34 has some specific initialization code for RFM73 in the nRF24 driver (e.g. ACTIVATE command). See 0 Yveaux committed to Yveaux/RadioHead 1.34 2014-09-19 Fixed compile errors in example rf22_router_test. Fixed a problem with RH_NRF24::setNetworkAddress, also improvements to RH_NRF24 register printing. Patched by Yveaux. Improvements to RH_NRF24 initialisation for version 2.0 silicon. Fixed problem with ambigiguous print call in RH_RFM69 when compiling for Codec2. Fixed a problem with RH_NRF24 on RFM73 where the LNA gain was not set properly, reducing the sensitivity of the receiver.