@Salmoides said: Be very careful. You'll get hooked on this stuff like we are and you'll have sensors and controllers all over the place. It never ends. We can't stop ourselves. You will dream up new circuits in your sleep. Ouch, that soldering iron is hot! There's always something being shipped from China. What am I going to do with the other 99 diodes in that little bag? That rosin smells different than the last roll of solder. Gee, I need one of those fancy bench multi-meters. Aww smack, I dropped that screw again! Yes dear, I'll have dinner ready once I finish this sketch. You'll go to bed and then ask yourself if you turned the soldering iron off. Be careful. You've been warned. Haha, yeah I'm already there with my home automation stuff, plus all the equipment from my audio production stuff.. I have too many hobbies. The wife's pet peeve is that there's constantly crap on the dining table.