Help please.

  • I need sample 2560 scene controller schematic.
    I'm new in mysensors and total noob. My idea is building a simple weather station for monitoring just out/in temp, humidity and pressure (for begining). I buy mega kit for scene controller but don't know how to connect together with nrf24l01 and dht22.
    Thear is no schematic or wiring diagram.
    Please help.

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    Hi @rado-mori, welcome to the MySensors community!
    Have you looked at these examples? for NRF24 wiring for DHT (wiring and code) (wiring and code)

  • @rado-mori Welcome to MySensors. Does it have to be a 2560? That seems a bit overkill for what you are trying to do. A 328P should handle those few things.

  • @dbemowsk
    Thank's for replay. I'm just start with MySensors and planing to expand the system later.
    I finding that cheap kombination (2560, shield and 3.2" ILI3941 TFT) but cannot find any schematic (wiring, pinouts, working example ,..).
    First I wish make simple weather station, later wish to add Rpi as Gateway and more Automation sensors and actuators,...

  • @rado-mori Whilst you can do what you initally want with just arduino pro-mini + nrf24l01 to arduino pro-mini + nrf24l01, it will have to be reprogrammed to use with mysensors as in this case there is no gateway or controller present.

    Mysensors requires a gateway (a place all data is sent to and from). This is beacuse all remote sensors are 'nodes' that communicate via this gateway back to a controller (a controler is a thing that displays values. stores values, takes actions etc...).

    So, if you want to later add other items you should get a gateway and controller working first with a test node. Another tip is to do things a little at a time. Get one sensor working properly, then add another, then add the screen. Often I will have several arduinos testing code for different sensors and get it working that way before combining into a single code for one node.

    The 'Build' at the top of this page will give you a lot of help, after that it is hours and hours of searching the forums here and looking online as well...

  • @skywatch
    Thank's for replay
    If I corect understend:

    • first build the gateway (Rpi with Nrf24l01)
    • then controller (Openhab or Homeassistant)
    • next The nodes
    • ...
      Is not posible to turn the flow?

    -first nodes (one)
    -next monitoring one by one
    -then connecting all together ??

    And What is the easyest way to build a home monitoring (and automating) system?
    Sorry , I'm noob with this. I'm just making a cnc kit and 3d printer.

  • @Rado-Mori It will be best to do the first option, believe me I have been through this! 😉 Build a gateway, connect to a controller and get them working. Then add nodes one at a time (you can have over 200 sensors/actuators per node.....).

    The easiest way will depend on what skills you already have and a detailed idea of what you want to achieve. Best to go slowly and learn. It's a hassle, but worth it in the end.

    The controller is the central brains, without it you will have many more problems. For nodes to send data to the controller they need a gateway. There are many controllers out there. I use mycontroller (not myscontroller which is different).

    3d printing is very addictive.....I hope you have lots of spare time! 🙂

  • @skywatch
    Thank's for your answer.
    I'm steel confused.
    I'm build some DHT nodes and 2004 monitor for it. Now, I will connect all together.
    Rpi with nrf24 as gateway wish to bi a database, but trying with Openhab is unsucsesible (Not work). For start will make a easy upgradable system mostly with nrf24.
    If that, with My Sensors, not posible, then must build with WiFi (It's power hungry).
    Is any oder system? Or technic?
    Time is a relative.

  • @rado-mori Please see this for answer of how mysensors work.....

    If you can make this so what you want then you are in luck. But you will be wasting time to make a system that is not mysensors enabled if you want it to be in the future.

    As for controller may I suggest you try

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