Reset values measured by Power Meter Pulse?

  • Hi everybody,

    since Toon decided not to send the energy and gas values to Domoticz anymore (without having to API hack everything...) i made the Power Meter Pulse sensor and script. Got everything working eventually, but there are some measured values from testing (86 kwh in this case) which i want to reset.

    I have looked everywhere in Domoticz how to reset the value(s) but i cannot find it. Am i overlooking something or what?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Remove he device and re-add it.

  • @koewacko said in Reset values measured by Power Meter Pulse?:

    I have looked everywhere in Domoticz how to reset the value(s) but i cannot find it.

    As far I know, there's no way to remove only one value with Domoticz (as suggested, you can delete the sensor to destroy all values, but this may seems a bit aggressive 😉

    The way I do, when incorrect values are stored, is to modify Domoticz's database directly. As usual, you have to backup the DB before changing something, as doing it badly can just corrupt your DB, so your Domoticz (as almost everything is stored here).

    Should you still want to proceed with DB changes, at your own risk, you may want to identify the sensor, stored in "DeviceStatus" table. As soon as you get the device idx (you may also find it on the Web interface), you should find the table(s) where data is store, which depends on device type. I don't have power pulse, so can't help you, but for energy meter, last day data is stored in "Meter" and historical data in "MeterCalendar". I usually change this table, either by modifying value and counter, or just deleting the row (depending on initial issue).

    I've got a small Unix shell file that stops Domoticz, run a .sql file (where you have to insert your SQL orders) and restart Domoticz that I can share, on request.

  • @koewacko
    You can set negative offset 86kWh in Domoticz counter setup.

  • The offset would be an easy solution, in this case the total power usage is displayed as negative on the dashboard. The data in the log is very complete and correct.


    Any idea how to solve the negative counter on the dashboard?

  • @koewacko That is today's reading, Domoticz will reset at midnight to zero using your new baseline.
    It has possibly created a false reading for the day, which is a little more complicated to edit if it is really important, if it is a dumb entry you can discard this can be deleted on the graph and it will erase the value (cursor over the value and Shift+click).
    Domoticz stores only the day values in it's database from memory, the cumulative value is incremented from last reading so is not a stored, that is all you will find in the data table on log.
    eg - My gas Node/Domoticz has screwed the cumulative gas reading, no idea when, only just noticed. Had intended to reprogram it for each pulse instead of every 5 anyway, so will take reprogram it, and on the next pulse thereafter re-synchronise the meter to Domoticz by altering the offset. It is the simplest method.