• Hello.
    I found some 10 NRF51822 chips in my drawer (bought a couple of years back but never used).
    I have been going through some of the threads on the NRF5 chips and I am a bit confused and seeking some guidance.

    • I do need to setup a gateway, right? I want the NRF51822 module to send MQTT messages to Home Assistant. Which gateway is preferred? I see that Raspberry Pi gateway does not support the NRF5 transport. Shall I go for a serial gateway?

    • If gateway required, then can I have two kinds radios in the same house - I already have a NRF24 with raspberry pi gateway.

    • Can all of the examples sketches be ported to NRF51822?

    I know I am quite dated in terms of the hardware but I would still like to use these. Any help will be good.
    Thank you .

  • The NRF51822 uses the same Nordic radio protocol as the NRF24, so you don't have to set up a new gateway. If you build an NRF5 based sensor, it can send signals to your NRF24 gateway.
    I have not used the NRF51822, but have used the NRF52832. The sketches worked, although the pinouts are different from the arduino processors, so you may have to tweak those.

    If you haven't seen it already, check out these threads:

  • Hello
    Thanks it worked -- with mock sensor sketch for now. I think I should be able to use this in production.



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