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  • There was a time when this kind of stuff was enough for the kids. Now it's much harder to entertain them. My 13 years old brother plays Overwatch at free time, and he doesn't like any other games I showed him. Not so long ago, he has asked me to boost his Overwatch hero. I've found a low price Overwatch boosting service, but I don't know if this is a good idea. Maybe I should buy him one of these things? I think, he will hate me for that, lol. Because he doesn't like logic games.

  • @RainbowStalin said in 💬 ESPboy: Games, IoT, STEM for education & fun (ESP8266 core):

    I don't know if this is a good idea.

    Is pouring gasoline on a fire a good idea?

    Unfortunate situation, I feel for you. I drag my son away from his video games to come with me doing projects and going to hardware store, etc. He sometimes protests a bit at first, but in the end always enjoys spending time with me, doing, and learning things. But he is now 12. I am not sure how far gone your little brother is. We also work very hard to limit his exposure to subversive elements which is pretty much all of popular culture nowadays, unfortunately.

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    I think these look very interesting to do with small children may be able to stimulate their curiosity, the current video games are too much influence on children, occasionally the family together to do their own small games is a new experience.

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