Repeater not working - How to?

  • Hello,

    I built a few mysensor relays with an Ethernet gateway.
    They work perfectly fine,

    However, the range is very limited. As soon as I'm behind a single wall (concrete) it stops working or is very inconsistent. To solve this I enabled repeater option but that dosen't solve my problem either,

    The repeaters show up on the Vera, but i have no idea if infact they are working.
    are there any setting which i need to do to enable them on the vera?

    Please help....

  • Hero Member

    @Mohsin-Hassan Have you tried connecting to the USB/serial port on your repeater and watching what it logs to the serial port? You should also do the same on your sensor so you can see if it switched its parent ID to the repeater, rather than directly to the gateway.


  • is it possible to use multiple repeaters?

    Gateway --> repeater node --> repeater node --> sensor node

    do i have to do something special for this?
    because i have a feeling this is not working for me :s

  • Admin


    Yes, this is handled automatically. A node will try to find the least number of hops to gateway by itself.

  • @hek

    is this done at startup from the node? or for each message that will be send separately?
    is it possible to configure that it has to transmit by a certain repeater node (so not shortest way, but best signal)?


  • Admin

    Yes, you can set a static parent. See API.

  • Hi I think I have the same problem, so just to be clear

    To get a static parent I'll write:(here parant 4)

    gw.begin(NULL, AUTO, false, 4);

    Or can I leave out false, is it default and write:

    gw.begin(NULL, AUTO, , 4); ????


  • Admin

    You cannot leave out any parameters in the middle.

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