Radio disabled power on Pro Mini?

  • Hello Gurus..

    Have an issue I was hoping I could get some help on..

    Have a pro mini 3.3v

    Supplying power via raw pin 3.7v or 6v seems fine until I connect the radio to VCC as well
    Then it looks like no power is getting to the board at all.. Disconnect radio from VCC and board looks like it is getting power again.

    Not sure what could be going on there

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    Hi and welcome to MySensors!

    Which radio are you using? The nrf cannot handle voltages above 3.6V (see datasheet). So if you are powering the nrf on 6V it is probably been destroyed unfortunately.

    Edit: Sorry, I might have interpreted "as well" wrong - maybe you power the nrf through the Pro Mini's voltage regulator. In that case you should be fine, as long as the radio is not power amplified and you have connected a capacitor. Have you tried with another radio module?

    Check the power issue troubleshooting flowchart at

  • I am using the NRF+.. checked the VCC pin voltage and its outputting 3.3v its using the pro mini onboard regulator.

  • i dont have a capacitor connected might be that.. Have dont the same thing from a nano and seemed ok.

  • Try to use 2 new fresh AAA cells in serial, connected directly to VCC. and verify if this will work.
    Then you know that it's a power supply issue