Stupidity of IOT Wifi Connectivity

  • Hi all.

    This is why wifi is stupid for IOT application:

    1. A growing percentage of the population claim to be EMF sensitive. The Council of Europe discourage its use in primary schools.
    2. Compared to wired connections it is unreliable. Do you really want that security alarm to be subject to weak batteries or unexpected obstructions/conditions?
    3. If one is serious about IOT, for example when designing a new building, then all those routers, antennas, power supplies etc will become expensive.

    I have searched for solutions to IOT without wifi. Obvious solutions are:

    • Serial wired communication. Star or Ring topology.
    • Ethernet wired communication. Star or Ring topology.

    I found an interesting discussion on wired Ethernet rings here:

    But they use a custom unpublished cirtcuitborad.

    It seems to me that a sensible and cheap implementation (and safe?) of IOT communications does not exist.

    Can I buy off the shelf wired ethernet intefaces to string all apperture sensors (windows and doors) on a wired network?
    How can I send a water level sensor message by ethernet for example?

    Perhaps I am wrong but I have searched but not seen it. All offers presuppose use of wifi, which to cover a new building would be very expensive compared to an ethernet ring.

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    @nobicycle regarding MySensors (that is what this forum is about) is not bound to a specific (wifi) network. A wired protocol is also supported rs485 with cheap and reliable components. You found the right place..

  • Admin

    MySensors is primarily wireless, but not wifi (as in wireless IEEE 802.11). We do have wired options as well with RS485 / RS232

    I do not think that ethernet (as in IEEE 802.3) is the best option for sensor networks for home-sensors, It requires too many wires to each sensor point, and too complex transciever hardware on each sensor node. RS485 is more suitable for this purpose.


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