Does MySensors do all that LowPower does?

  • I've noticed that if I try to modify my source code for a pro-mini & nRF24 to include the LowPower library, the source will not compile:

    enum period_t {
    In file included from C:\Users\...\Documents\Arduino\LowPower_ProMini_DHT-22_nRF24_v1\LowPower_ProMini_DHT-22_nRF24_v1.ino:2:0:
    C:\Users\...\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Low-Power/LowPower.h:6:6: error: previous definition here
    enum period_t

    This makes me think that there are portions of the MySensors library that take advantage of the lower power modes available, like STANDBY-I and PowerDown. That's all great, but it begs that question;

    "How exactly is the MySensors library adjusting the power modes of the ATmel chips (which modes when), and does this same power-awareness apply to, say, the radio boards (nRF24, etc.)?"

    Right now, I have my first true battery-powered node drawing 7.1ma in [whatever mode(s) MySensors library is putting everything in]. Is this as good as it gets (I pulled the PWR LED), or are there further options available using, say, interrupts as an example, that could bring power consumption down further?


  • Hardware Contributor

    Hello, @Bogus-Exception, you clearly have a problem in your node, use debug mode and check the console your node is probably not going to sleep with this power consumption.
    With a door sensor made of a ProMini board, a NRF24 clone and a reed switch the sleep function from MySensors uses less than 2uA.

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