Two Mysensors Network in Same Location

  • Hello all,
    Hope like always you can help me to understand if this concept is possible or not.

    I have an already established MySensor network for my home. So I have controller, nodes (sensors) and all working fine.

    I need to test another device in another MySensor network by running Domoticz and Gateway again.
    So the second server, has Domoticz installed with MySensor Gateway as Serial but cannot communicate with devices properly.
    It seems that having the sensors running in same place, make the system tricky and nodes can register only in one of the networks.
    I tried to resolve this by changing the network channel (from 76 to 83 in MyConfig.h file) for both my second Gateway and a Node I want to use in second network but seems that it's not working as expected either!

    So , can you please any one have this experience, explain that what is the best practice to make it working as two separate MySensors Network in same location please?

    Thanks for your time and hope I could explain the case scenario

  • @sghazagh

    I have two networks running in the same area, with the same purpose as yours.

    One is running at Channel 13, the other at Channel 58. Works perfectly.


  • Hi,
    did you check if those channels are already busy? maybe there are WiFi Access Points that use the same frequencies.


  • Mod

    @sghazagh it might help to run the clearEeprom sketch on all nodes for the new MySensors network, to get rid of the routing tables from the original MySensors network.

  • @mfalkvidd What you are saying make scenes, because when I start the Node, it goes straight to other Gateway and even when I turn the Network1 Gateway off, it still comes up with Nodeid of Network1but does not register to Network2 Gateway !!!
    I will try it, tomorrow...

  • @boozz Ok, if we say we have serial GW on Linux and also a Node:

    • Does channel only need to be changed in MyConfig.h file in MySensors Library before I compile for my Serial GW on Linux

    • and for the Node, I only need to add a define in Sktech?

    #ifndef MY_RF24_CHANNEL
    #define MY_RF24_CHANNEL (83)

    Also have a question about your setting, I see the channels for NRF24L01 only are:

    0 => 2400 Mhz (RF24 channel 1)
    1 => 2401 Mhz (RF24 channel 2)
    76 => 2476 Mhz (RF24 channel 77)
    83 => 2483 Mhz (RF24 channel 84)
    124 => 2524 Mhz (RF24 channel 125)
    125 => 2525 Mhz (RF24 channel 126)

    How did you set channel 13 and 58?

  • Mod

    @sghazagh that's strange. A node can only communicate with nodes that use the same channel. It should not be able to communicate at all with nodes using a different channel.

    However, when using automatic nodeID assignment, nodes will keep the ID they got the first time (unless the eeprom is cleared). So no surprise there.

    Th change channel to 13, you add

    #define MY_RF24_CHANNEL (13)

    in the sketch, before including MySensors.h

    You could modify the library instead of setting channel in the sketch, but such modification will be overwritten whenever the library is upgraded to a new version so I don't like that solution.

  • @mfalkvidd I really don't know what is wrong...I just getting this error all the time
    Cleared the EEPROM first and have set the radio channel to 13 for both GW and Node!)

    Here is log on GW side (Serial on Linux)

    Any idea why they cannot find each other?

  • Mod

    @sghazagh the log parser can help decoding the logs.

    The node log shows that the node sends a find parent request, and this message is acknowledged by the next hop (st=OK).

    The gateway log shows that the gateway receives a find parent request from node 1. The gateway sends a reply, but the reply is not acknowledged by the next hop (st=NACK).

    The most common reasons for communication problems is insufficient power supply, insufficient power supply and insufficient power supply. See for a flow chart on how to best troubleshoot.

  • @mfalkvidd I used a LE33 transistor to power up the radio after converting the 5v from Arduino Uno(tried 3.3v pin as well, same).
    I am also using 4.7mF capacitor on positive and negative pols as well.
    I am sure radio is ok, as as soon as I change the Channel back to 76, it quickly register in my first Network.
    When I change the Channel to for instance 13, the GW on channel 13 does not register and see that Node....

  • I don't know why, but by adding "--my-rf24-channel=13" in my configuration and compile it again, it seems that all are working as expected now!!!

    ☝ Believe me, I always used "make clean" so don't know why it didn't refresh the build. Perhaps that option force the compiler to rebuild it!!!"

  • Mod

    @sghazagh running ./configure will always run make clean unless --no-clean is given as parameter.

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