Hello everyone! Based on the quite useful reverse engineered schematic at https://hackaday.io/project/174308-tradfri-pir-motion-sensor-hacking the measurements were somewhat sabotaged by the 2N7002 (see Connors comment "enables voltage dividers only when triggered"). the transistor is controlled by the Elmos E931.96 PIR motion controller IC. The latter is programmable by the IKEA TRÅDFRI ICC-1 module's EFR32MG1P132F256GM32 MCU. E.g. 2. Blind Time Ignores motion after the interrupt output is switched back to 0 Range: 0.5s... 8s. The blind time is [Register Value] *0.5s 3. Programmable pulse counter 1... 4 pulses with sign change in between Amount of pulses = [Register Value] + 1 4. Window time For noisy environments 2s... 8s window Window time = [Register Value] * 2s + 2s https://github.com/basilfx/TRADFRI-Hacking gives a good overview on that. What is the issue with tose 60s?