@wassfila Your project looks very cool and I considered it earlier. Thanks for sharing I excluded it because I was concerned that you might stop developing it and that would kill the project. I want to focus on developing sensor-nodes and using the data in openHAB. I really think some kind of self-healing mesh solution is the way to go, especially since I want to be able to expand freely and just drop in more nodes at will without disturbing the others. My current plan was to use MQTT-SN over openthread and then use the homie standard to get everything auto-discovered in openHAB. But now when you say openthread is somewhat experimental I'm no longer sure. To me openthread seemed quite well documented and I like that Nordic provide so many examples. In your experience, is thread unstable? I want to go for the DIY approach mainly because. I want to be able to choose my own sensors and know that I get quality pcbs that last. Commercial multi-sensor nodes are generally fairly expensive. Making one custom doesn't pay off, but 30+ does. My end-goal is to make energy harvesting nodes, both indoor and outdoor, that once installed will be able to do their job until their components break. The more I type in this response, while looking at your github and hackaday I feel like maybe I should give nrf52 Mesh a try. Do you have any OTA working for your setup? I'm not looking for a fancy gui, just a python script on the border router or similar.