@wannabee I really like what you have done here, and I think that this will be my gateway of choice when I finish porting the sensor library to work with the radios I have. I have a few comments for how this could be made even better in the future. I think a good solution could be to model this on the Z wave binding and habmin integration. We can set up habmin to manage the network. This will allow us to view all the nodes, toggle inclusion mode, assign IDs, and so on. We would alsohave build a good binding which could take care of the automatic ID assignment and expose these through habmin. I'm not yet sure how this would be done, but it seems like something that would be really nice to have. Especially if we consider that OpenHAB is an open source initiative, and MySensors is a DIY approach to home automation I think good openhab integration would benefit the entire home automation community