So, while here I've decided to close my TODO list. The revision 1.4 is likely to be the last chapter in this design, and now it can be considered safe to order. It introduces some important final touches to the board, in particular: The orientation key (diameter 2.1mm) on the board edge. It's located between the Tag-Connect and the board main area, and initially can be used as an eyelet. After the Tag-Connect removal it works as an orientation key for the board. Full rework of the silk layer. Just to mention few: I hid all designators and decorated the board with eye catchy "52" over the nRF52 MCU, touched the antenna outline, and moved the git hash to the mainland. Review and cleanup the ground plane. The changes were tiny so it shouldn't detune the antenna, but aesthetics were definitely improved. You may also want to order the board in Afterdark colors now: Have fun!