@scalz - You're right. There doesn't seem to be an issue with mouser. I must have gotten hooked up with digikey and some of the smaller sellers. I have a contact ticket open with mouser and the manufacturer for one of the models, as they can't tell me what the code means and the datasheet doesn't specify it either. Will post back here with what the order code "988-AT25DF512CSSHNGU-B" means. The minimum order is £33 for me at the moment, I seem to remember this being a little higher last time i checked, so not sure if its a limited time thing (worth a look if anyone wants anything from there). Is anyone in need of these ICs as i would order some for you and post to you if you just cover the cost of the item and then the postage for them (more than likely cheaper than paying for postage from them at £12 per shipment, to the UK anyway).