AT25DF512C Alternatives

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    So as I come to find a supplier for the AT25DF512C Flash that is the go to around here, not only are they hard to get my hands on apart from Digikey, they are also quoting that once their stock of 3000 has depleted that is it for this little IC. So are they any running alternatives that you guys know of, i'm aware of the forum thread discussion FLASH ICs for us but it seems i'm not the only one that finds that thread hard to follow and not much ground was made on the original question of attempting to find alternatives.

    What is required to be a compatible flash chip as an alternative to AT25DF512C?
    Does anyone use any other FLASH instead?
    Does anyone have any of these chips and would be willing to sell me a few rather than me having to put a minimum order in at digikey?

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