@neverdie I like the discussion as I like the ESP features, especially because of much mor RAM and Flash (also ESPnow etc.). However, I think the biggest problem so solve is not only to introduce a new protcol like ESPnow (which I and my friends have tried successfully) but the drastic code changes in MySesnors core as the ESP chips (8266, 8285, ESP32) do a reboot/wartstart after a deep sleep wakeup and that is completely different than AVR/ATMEGA chips like the 328p which continues right after the sleep command. I have a newer discussion with the MySensors main developers on that. So even if ESP8266 or ESP32 is yet supported, the sleep command is not supported (check the recent code, it will return false and does not sleep). Thus the ESP's can only be used as Gateways or always power on MySensors devices.