I need some help. I just built an NRF24Doctor following the instruction in the post and on Github. When no NRF24 module is connected, the device starts properly, displays the menu on the LCD, and when I try to select a menu item, it (correctly) displays "Radio init error. Replace radio". When an NRF24 mode is connected (I tried several), the LCD is blank, the serial monitor shows "Channel:90 PaLevel:HIGH PaLevelGw:LOW DataRate:250KBPS Dest:0 Payload:2 Rate:10" in an endless loop. when I run the older "nRf24L01+ connection quality meter" software, it starts ok and the LCD shows FAIL 0% and MISS 0% as expected. Any ideas for what might cause this problem? Almost looks like it resets in a loop, maybe because the watchdog triggers? or stack corruption?