Hi This is a typical homer project in that I spend half an hour here and half an hour there so it moves very slowly! What I have so far: Plan for 10-15 zone heating control based on standard Y plan heating system. I need to generate control signals for: Boiler on DHW valve on Heating valve on *12-13 radiator valve heads (24v DC) a) Domoticx setup based on a list of zones - the lua scripts are maybe 75% done and working so far - needs tweaks and tidying up before its shareable sensibly. b) Battery powered sensor/ display node arduino based. Has dallas DS1820 temp sensor, 128 x 64 Oled display and three buttons using mysensors 2.4Ghz radio. It links with domoticz, displays (on demand) the room temp, setpoint and the buttons allow local control - boost/cut temp to xDeg for 1 hr. The sensor runs off 2 x AAA cells and takes 11uA standby with pulses of 25mA so could just run off a coin cell for 12-18months. The code is 80-90% complete but haven't started a PCB yet. c) Dallas one wire sensors for some rooms where I am not bothering with a local display node. Also to be used for DHW and outside temperature for display/prediction. d) Some 24vDC thermal actuators for the radiators - that's the biggy and now won't happen till next year and the heating is off. I also need to replace some valve bodies on some radiators so it will need (at least) a day off work at some point to do all the plumbing. e) Android front end based on Netio - tried open remote but found that a bit long winded. This is 20% complete - just done 2 zones to prove the concept. This will drive a wall mounted tablet replacing the old room stat and also be the interface from my phone etc when away from home. f) I haven't started boxing up the RPI - it needs a 24cDC 2-3 amp PSU for the radiator valves and wiring to all rooms - yuk! This may wet your appetite but it is very much a work in progress and wouldn't make much sense if I published it yet. I'll post bits as they become meaningful - but its a way away yet. If nothing else it tells you what's possible. That has taken me quite a bit of experiment to get this far.I've tried at least 5 different home automation packages and have now settled on Domoticz and Netio front end. At least - now I am on the implementation phase! Regards Coppo