Domoticz Temperature display on sensor node

  • Mysensors 1.5. Domoticz v2.2563
    I'm trying to find a way of creating a battery powered thermostat - consisting of a sensor and a display that echoes the value of a domoticz sensor. I have a complex zone heating controller with a setpoint and actual temperature value per zone. Domoticz controls the zone heat required logic and also implements the time clock, setting the setpoints as required. Some of the zone sensors are mysensors battery powered devices with a small display. They have plus and minus buttons to allow me to tweak the setpoint.

    I want to be able to get the setpoint temperature to the mysensor device so it can be displayed but cannot find any mysensor type other than V_DIMMER that will accept, or even successfully request a value from domoticz. If I use V_DIMMER i'll have to echo the setpoint to a dimmer value, scaling it somehow - messy.

    I tried requesting the value of a temp sensor from domoticz and nothing happens - mysensors node gets no reply. I tried a custom sensor and requested VAR1. I get a reply but it is nonsence so I guess something isn't implemented somewhere.

    Is there any way from a mysensor node I can request a (type TEMP or float preferred) value from domoticz?
    Alternatively is there anyway I can push a value form domoticz? (More difficult because the mysensor node spends most time sleeping.)



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    Just look at this article In the latest Domoticz beta release there's a support for MySensors Text device. If you can send text to a node, you can send everything to a node.

    I have tried the latest beta release of Domoticz, but I had a lot of problems with it. I had to reinstall Domoticz. So I'll wait till this comes in the next stable release.

  • Thanks. That looks well worth some investigation. I'm a little concerned about trashing a nicely working dometicz install and will wait for the beta to be checked out a bit more.

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    @coppo23 The current Domoticz beta with V_TEXT (and new S_INFO) support (development branch of MySensors) is running stable in my environment. If you make a database backup before you start experimenting you can always return to you previous state..

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    v2.3191 is running fine on my Raspi 2 as well.

  • Thanks folks. Updated to latest beta Domoticz 2.3191 and got the latest libraries for mysensors from the dev branch.

    My node now requests V_TEXT and anything in the domoticz text sensor (weirdly appears in the Utility tab!) is echoed at the node.Didn't need to update the serial gateway.

    Next job is plug the holes in the lua scripts now but that should be a doddle.

    Many thanks.

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    @coppo23: Can you post some pictures ?

  • Maybe when I get far enough - but am away on business for a while so all the 'important' work is on hold for a couple of weeks now.

  • coppo23 are you still busy on the temprature display node?
    i am very interested it that ๐Ÿ™‚

    Greetz ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi
    This is a typical homer project in that I spend half an hour here and half an hour there so it moves very slowly!

    What I have so far:

    Plan for 10-15 zone heating control based on standard Y plan heating system. I need to generate control signals for:

    • Boiler on
    • DHW valve on
    • Heating valve on
      *12-13 radiator valve heads (24v DC)

    a) Domoticx setup based on a list of zones - the lua scripts are maybe 75% done and working so far - needs tweaks and tidying up before its shareable sensibly.

    b) Battery powered sensor/ display node arduino based. Has dallas DS1820 temp sensor, 128 x 64 Oled display and three buttons using mysensors 2.4Ghz radio. It links with domoticz, displays (on demand) the room temp, setpoint and the buttons allow local control - boost/cut temp to xDeg for 1 hr. The sensor runs off 2 x AAA cells and takes 11uA standby with pulses of 25mA so could just run off a coin cell for 12-18months. The code is 80-90% complete but haven't started a PCB yet.

    c) Dallas one wire sensors for some rooms where I am not bothering with a local display node. Also to be used for DHW and outside temperature for display/prediction.

    d) Some 24vDC thermal actuators for the radiators - that's the biggy and now won't happen till next year and the heating is off. I also need to replace some valve bodies on some radiators so it will need (at least) a day off work at some point to do all the plumbing.

    e) Android front end based on Netio - tried open remote but found that a bit long winded. This is 20% complete - just done 2 zones to prove the concept. This will drive a wall mounted tablet replacing the old room stat and also be the interface from my phone etc when away from home.

    f) I haven't started boxing up the RPI - it needs a 24cDC 2-3 amp PSU for the radiator valves and wiring to all rooms - yuk!

    This may wet your appetite but it is very much a work in progress and wouldn't make much sense if I published it yet. I'll post bits as they become meaningful - but its a way away yet.

    If nothing else it tells you what's possible. That has taken me quite a bit of experiment to get this far.I've tried at least 5 different home automation packages and have now settled on Domoticz and Netio front end. At least - now I am on the implementation phase!



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