@berkseo said in EFEKTA nRF5 Temperature & Humidity mini sensor: @magpern said in EFEKTA nRF5 Temperature & Humidity mini sensor: Could you upload the schematics or some guide of what component goes where? Hello, now quite there is no time to do scheme. A very simple scheme is used. Specification on the project page. Ok, problem is that the only device you have made that has any kind of specification is the e-paper temp device with nRF52 chip. It has like "R1, Resistors 1K" then one knows that R1 on circut board is the 1K resistor. On your other uploaded projects it only says "Resistors 1K" - that makes it hard to know where to put the 1K resistor. With some process of elimination one might be able to place the components for the "EFEKTA BME280 Sensor" and this sensor based on the pictures of the competed device on the project page. It is possible to read most of the resistor values from the picture. But for instance the "Temperature & Humidity mini sensor" you can not tell from the pictures what resistor goes where. The pictures are blurry. Could you perhaps upload a better detailed picture of the front and back?