Command for Relay Actuator

  • I found this wonderful interesting site, but me as arduino newbee wanna learn how to use these sensors.
    Because i have a fully working Domotiga ( ) envoirement and want to try to integrate this in Domotiga.
    So i dont use a Vera controller.
    So i flashed one nano with the (serial)gateway sketch, only edited the line : Gateway gw; deleted the slashes and deleted the line : //Gateway gw(9, 10, INCLUSION_MODE_TIME, INCLUSION_MODE_PIN, 6, 5, 4);
    On another test uno i put the motion sensor sketch edited some lines, and on the (gateway)nano i get the sensor data for example : 2;1;0;16;Motion or 2;1;0;16;1 etc so this is useful for integration in Domotiga later.
    But now i want to see how it works to sent some data from gateway to, for example an arduino with the Relayactuator sketch.
    So question : In the serial monitor from the nano which is the gateway, what do i have to type to control a relay in another node say number 3?

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    Hmm, do I understand that you are going to try to use a gateway as a controller?

    If so you would still have to make one of the boards a gateway imho.
    And you would have to create the logic for communication on the gateway which is not (or hardly) possible because you will soon run out of memory...

  • Marcel,

    "Hmm, do I understand that you are going to try to use a gateway as a controller?"
    No , as i wrote Domotiga is later getting my controller. This is a home automation system running on a cubieboard.
    But for testing i want to know how to control a sensor.
    So if i take for example a uno or nano, and put in the gateway sketch then open the serial monitor what do i have to type/sent to control a relay in another node?
    Its for testing, because if this is possible and works i can get this command serial out of my Domotiga controller.

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    Aha, now I understand.

    I think this is going to help you.

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    Turn on relay connected to node with radio-id 12 and relay registered with child-id 3


    Turn off relay connected to node with radio-id 12 and relay registered with child-id 3

  • Ok im gonna try this. I allready found this but did not work will investigate.
    Hello Hek, i have seen that you found the Domotiga forum 🙂

  • I dont get further with this.
    Am i right that i can sent a message from the gateway to a sensor or vice versa without using a controller?
    So if i use an gateway and a sensor with for example the motion sensor sketch with fixed id i can sent a message in the serial monitor of the motion sensor node to the gateway??
    If i do that nothing happens in the gateway serial monitor and vice versa.
    What am i doing wrong?

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    Yes, you should be able to send messages without a controller (if you use fixed id's in the sensors).

    Some example sketches requests configuration from controller like isMetricSystem() . You will have to remove these as no controller will answer behind the gateway.

    You cannot use the serial monitor to send a message from the sensor (use the API). Only gateway listens to input on serial line.

  • So again if i type the command 12;3;1;2;1 in the serial monitor of the gateway, this command also has to show up in the sensor serial monitor ???
    I ask this because nothing happens here, but i see a led flashes so it look like something is been sent.

  • For others:

    As written in another topic : i also enabled "newline" in the serial monitor to sent commands, and now it works.
    Thanks Hek for help.