MajorDoMo experience

  • Is anyone using this controller?
    I've chosen it because it is written in PHP and I can do php programming, so I could finetune it a lot. It also looks very nice, easy to customize and has a lot of options
    However I do have problems with it almost every day in three weeks of testing. I have few nodes with few sensors, but there is always something failing and the app must be restarted. F.eks. when I restart some node app goes up to 100% cpu usage and then all communication with gateway is lost. I now made simple logic that will turn on led on testNode1 if motion is triggered on node2, it was working fine but after one day of testing it now has 1min lag between events.
    I am looking some other controllers, but I would like to give it a few more tries in case someone has better experience with it.

  • @dakipro Hello, I have been working with this controller for two years. The server is running on Orange Pi Zero

  • @dakipro +1, about 2 years, running on Raspbery Pi 2B.

  • Thanks, I tried running it on old laptop, but it was difficult for non-russian speaker to figure things out. And I remember that the app was constantly using around 30% of CPU which kept the fan running all the time (because php was running in infinitive loop).
    I switched to domoticz on raspberry, but have now settled on openhab and am very happy with it.

    None of them used more then 1-2% cpu on same laptop, and both are very stable (also easy to find documentation for english-speaking user).


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