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    This thread contains comments for the article "Domoticz" posted on MySensors.org.

  • Hi there, i'm wondering if anyone in MySensors world would have a simple step by step process to setup my Raspberry Pi 3 as a remotely accessible web server (running Domoticz) so I can access it via the Android Domoticz app outside my WiFi network?
    I've tried following the thread on the Domoticz Wiki Forum but had no luck beyond trying to generate the RSA keys.
    I've also tried setting up port 22 SSH from some articles a mate of mine provided but still no joy.
    I would REALLY like to access it outside our WiFi network!
    PS - Sorry if I've posted this where i shouldn't.

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    Sorry, it's a bit outside the scope of the MySensors project to provide this type of guides. How to allow access depends on a lot on your specific infrastructure (router config / public static ip etc).

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    Google for "DynDNS" systems and your router (+ possible how to open ports). But this really has nothing to do with mysensors.

  • Thanks @hek and @LastSamurai much appreciated

  • @breimann
    I use remot3.it to provide remote access to domoticz running on a rpi3. It is very simple to set up.
    It works great with a web browser on a pc. I did not test it with the domoticz android app yet.

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    It's all a matter of opening ports on your router, but that goes with every service running on your network that you want to reach from the Internet. The problem of opening ports is that you need strong security since those services will be reachable by the entire Internet. I'm working on setting up the openvpn on the raspberry so I'll only have one port open to the outside world.

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    I run a VPN on my Synology NAS and just connect through that when I need to access Domoticz from outside. That way the Synology takes care of the security.

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    I had that too but it died 😢

  • @gohan thanks everyone. i'll try out some things and see how i go.

  • @breimann I didn't do anything special to install Domoticz on a pi3, I just used their instructions for a pi3. Then I used our router to assign the pi a static IP address on our local network. I then set up an OpenVPN connection on our router so I can connect remotely and securely to our home lan (your router needs to have a support VPN). I installed an OpenVPN app on my phone to connect to our local network, then use a browser to go to the IP and port of Domoticz. Hope this makes sense.

  • @dpcr thankyou for this explanation. Quite clear.

    Yes, i've installed Domoticz on my pi3 fine. It's been running for 6 months on there quite well.

    I've setup a static IP address on my local network.

    It's the OPENVPN connection that's the issue i think.

    Thanks though. Very helpful.

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    I'm still working on my openvpn server. As soon as I get the bridge mode working I'll post my conf files