Pin change interrupt not firing with MySensors

  • @Yveaux

    Got some news... the new charge of Arduino Pros arrived, but the problem persists. So I started more trail ' n error and got something:

    I installed the Arduino-IDE and mysensors-1.5.4-library on an manjaro-based notebook. I had to do some symlinking to get a newer version of avrdude working and now the same sketch I used before works now!

    Back to my Mac, flashing the same sketch, the node doesn't work correctly?!
    So problem seems to be the version of avrdude, which is offered by the arduino-ide?!

    I finally downgraded to IDE 1.6.8 and especially AVR Boards 1.6.8.
    Now everything works as expected .... :D

  • So it was just a bug in the latest updates of the ide and boards? I'm having probably the same problem on a mega2560

  • @gohan

    I'm not familiar with your problem, but mine was, that the interrupt on pin3 didn't work as expected. So I was not able to use my new sensor as watchdog for my windows/doors. With downgrade of the Arduino-IDE AND especially AVR Boards 1.6.8 my problem is solved now and every change on that interrupt-pin is correctly recognised and send to gateway.

  • @idstone if you don't mind, please take a look at last line of my code

  • @gohan

    Hi again. I can confirm, that I got similar problems... the state of the interrupt pin wasn't correctly recognized, too.
    May be You could try downgrading Arduino-IDE and (very important) avr boards (1.6.8) ?!

  • I'll see if I can find time today or tomorrow to try this. Also might be interesting to see whether it would be possible to get around the issue using

  • @idstone
    I'll give it a try maybe on another computer just to be safe

  • @gohan

    any news?

  • I updated my sensors to use v2 of the MySensors library and this issue went away. Used the same board with same fuses and same Arduino IDE and boards file version. Imho this would suggest that there is an issue in MySensors.

    Before migrating to v2 I ran some tests using a button in place of the PIR sensor and it seemed that using a short timeout for the gw.sleep would work, but a longer would not. Did not dig deeper into this though, so might be that it just seemed to work better.

  • @idstone

    No, I tried different ways without success and I am waiting for new arduino boards to arrive and start testing from there, probably my MEGA isn't the right platform for these tests

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