LIVOLO alike switch mod

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    I've seen there's another thread about touch switches but did not find info about what I want to work out.

    I have two 1 gang & 1 way touch switches that look like LIVOLO's but the brand is not printed in the glass. I did realized that the PCBs are ready for more comps so I guess several models share PCB. The idea is to mod theses 1 way switches so they can be used as 2 way based in their net connections A & B. In order to do this the most important point would be that the PIC firmware is the same loaded in other models like a 2 way......which would make sense in order to reduce production cost. Here follows some pics of the PCBs.
    As you might see in the last pic I have encircled the two comps added so far: connector for A&B and a resistor (small circle) in the trace of B. As you know connection A is just L in order to feed the other switches.

    I connect them and tray to synchro with no results, the slave one just show intermitent the blue and red leds and the master did nothing when touching it the 5 seconds required. I have to add a buzzer to the PCB to make sure there is no audio signaling.
    I did not have too much time yet to keep investigating but firstly I want to reduce the added resistor since I guess is to high for a logic level to be reached, from 22K to at least 1K. Also trace B connection injecting low freq signal, in order to find out if it reachs the PIC and add the buzzer. I want to backup the firm also just in case......
    Any suggestion or help is always welcome. Anyone who has this switch but being 2 way etc.

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    All those connectors everywhere look messy. Soldering on the main connectors looks pretty low standard too 😮

    Are you sure it would not be a better idea to "invest" 14$/13€ in real Livolo double switches (discounted price for white one right now on aliexpress) which are of much better quality ? Then you can make a clean PCB board (or upgrade as seen in other thread) to replace the original livolo one to have a MySensors version.

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